Sunday, December 14, 2008

Black Truffle Omelette

One of the most precious findings at Santa Monica 3rd Street farmer’s market are those incredible black truffles. They are the best in all sizes at the beginning of the season. Pick only the larger ones toward to the end as the aroma becomes less intense.

1. Cut thin slices in desired amount.

2. Beat the eggs (with desired quantity) for a few seconds, add sliced truffle, pinch of salt and creme fraiche.

3. Gently mix in the latter two ingredients. Leave the cream lumps, they taste heavenly after they are cooked. They give the omelette a sweet and creamy texture when you have it in your mouth.

4. Heat up the frying pan with medium heat, when the pan starts to get hot, add butter. Make sure the butter is foamy yet the pan is not too hot or it will burn the butter.

5. Pour in the mixture.

6. Turn the heat to low until no liquid appears on the top surface.

7. Remove from pan and serve.

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5 Star Foodie said...

i love this black truffle omelette! how delicious!