Friday, August 14, 2009


I decided to write this after reading Financial Time, Aug 12, 09, on the analysis column, A new twist on Life. After genetically modifying our food, restricting what seeds farmers can use and when they can use them, our Frankenstein scientist are now going into the ocean to modify algae for bio fuel. Not only that, species can be converted from one to another by “genome transplant”; an artificial chemical system that will evolve and self sustain in a couple year? Without strong ethics and strict control and over sight from governments and people, where these remarkable scientific discoveries will lead to is unthinkable.

I am well aware of Franken produces and meats traveling long distance to supermarkets still look perfect and pretty; they don’t smell or taste what they are supposed to. It is also known to me that the animals are kept in a confined space in factory farms. Yet it was awakening to learn what is going on in CAFOs. In order to convert farm animals to meat cheaply and quickly, concentrated animal feeding operations, CAFOs, were introduced to factory farms. A typical CAFOs, would house 1152 chickens in a 6X8 foot room, caged and stacked to the ceiling, and never see grass or sunlight. Animals get physically stressed so they get their routine antibiotics in their feed in order to ward off diseases, and the amount of manure they produce, the health impact, and the pollution this creates??? It is frightening.

While we are enjoying a memorable dining experience, Thanksgiving feast or back yard BBQ, we are also indulging ourselves with doses of antibiotics, pesticide, and GM crops, and the side effects are still unknown to us. In addition, we are indirectly creating pollution and increasing carbon footprints. I had to ask myself if I can still buy the groceries the same way I always do without making changes.

Coming from a food rich culture, I am passionate about gastronomy. I want my food to come from resources that is honest, fair, clean, and the natural way. I can’t change the world but I can change my little world.

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Jeff said...

I hope more people read this article and opt for food choices which are more humane, natural and sustainable.