Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Al Fresco

It was a hot Sunday.
There are wild fires everywhere in our state yet I am so fortunate to be close to the sea to benefit from the sea breeze and was able to enjoy the day instead of worrying about where to evacuate. Life can be so cruel. This is why it is so important to enjoying every moment.
Spending the day in the back yard with such a lovely sea breeze was a choice and a blessing. BBQ with natural charcoal was just a bit too hot to coordinate in this hot weather so the dishes are cooked in our kitchen and enjoyed al fresco.

French Toast With Raspberry Coulis

Demi French baguette
2 Eggs, whisked
Cream Fraiche
Salt and Pepper
Fresh Raspberries, black berries and blue berries, as desired.
Dry red wine

Whisked eggs with cream fraiche
Dap bouquet in whisked eggs, make sure it Is not too soggy
Butter heavy bottom pan and sauté both sides of the baguette until golden brown.

Pour over Raspberry coolie and serve.

Raspberry Coulis
Cook red wine in a saucepan until boiling
Reduce heat to medium low
Add fresh berries
Stir occasionally until it thickens
Remove from heat.
Add a splash of Cointreau if desired.

Mozzarella and homegrown tomato herb salad

It is incredibly rewarding to harvesting your own backyard crops and to make them an important part of your culinary experience. You can pick them fresh just before you cook them. They taste better and there is no worry for how Frenken and how much pesticide they have since you are the one who gets to make the decision on where you get the seed, how you want to grow, and care for them. Further, by growing your own crops will reduce carbon emission and packaging material waste since they don’t need to be trucked or shipped and you don’t need to drive anywhere to buy them. If you choose to guard the pests with organic methods, this will also reduce pesticide run off and reduce pollution. Over a meal, it always make a fun and captivating conversation topic.

Mix organic olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a large bowl rigorously until it turns emulsion. Pour over the plate with a spoon as desired; add fresh ground black pepper and sea salt before serving.

Rib eye steak, caramelized onion compote with penne and French green bean

Caramelized onion compote
In a hot heavy bottom pan, add 3 tablespoons of butter, chopped shallots and sweet onion until color turn translucent and light brown. Add ¼ cup dry white wine and ¼ cup brandy. Remove from heat when it is just beginning to reduce. Season it with sea salt and pepper as desired.

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